- Walter Aguilar -

Walter’s insight into human potential and motivation, along with successes with  professional and amateur athletes, corporate sales arena, and human relations make him a powerhouse of inspiration and wisdom.

He is an IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) trained coach and was one of the first 25 trained in COR.E Performance Dynamics; a systematic approach to mindfulness based on the mind-energy connection to performance.

He understands that doing your best is no longer as effective as being your best. His textured life experience and passion for what he does, makes him relatable to a variety of people, from CEOs, directors, to competitive and/or professional athletes, sales consultants, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, he has  supported in the area of leadership, and transition and human relations.

My Story

Learn how to get better results, in a shorter period of time with less stress!

“Being at your highest potential of performance and being 100% energetically engaged in the moment, means being conscious and aware of the external & internal stressors. Learning to consciously respond, not react out fear, can help you just not play the game, but be the game! This is the secret sauce to an excellent performance! 
–Walter Aguilar”

Working with Walter

Walt's Ikigai

A 6 min video explaining my Ikigai as my compass for my life. If you have ever wondered about finding your reason for being, please check out my video and may it inspire you to seek your Ikigai.

My ikigai

I am the emerging awareness of my brilliance in the presence of my creator who is patient, kind and abundant

I support others to become their highest and best vision of themselves

Seekers who have forgotten their purpose and are drifting

I teach, support, and empower in a space of compassion, non-judgement, and belief

They uncover the life of their dreams in the present moment; their lightness of being

They emerge as the awareness of their brilliance

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