Break Free with Forgiveness

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


Not only is forgiving others and yourself an act of kindness . . .

Let Go of Negative Energy and Embrace Healing

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain

Every person carries memories, experiences, and emotions with them on their life’s journey. The memories of previous wrongs and grievances are among these that can frequently drag us down and prevent us from evolving and moving on. What if, however, we could lessen this burden? What if there was a way to change our energy and outlook on life in addition to helping us realize our greatest potential? Forgiveness is the key.

We all carry the weight of our memories, events, and feelings with us as we go through life. When it comes to these, the weight of old wounds and memories can often get in the way of our growth and progress. What if we could make this load lighter? What if there was a way to change not only our energy and how we live our lives, but also our full potential? Forgiveness is the key to that.

Forgiveness and Awareness: The First Step to Healing

Not only is forgiving others and yourself an act of kindness, but it is also an act of freedom. An important idea in Energy Leadership is that it all starts with awareness and understanding. When we become aware, we can observe the catabolic energy we carry from past hurts. Do we still feel angry, resentful, or guilty? These feelings are normal, but they can make you feel the catabolic energy, which is disruptive and exhausting.

Being aware entails observing our thoughts and feelings without judging them. Observing, the pain we have and learning where it comes from is the first step toward healing. Being aware of yourself is very important because it makes it possible to truly forgive and accept. Knowing that hanging on to the pain from the past does not hurt the other person as much as it hurts us by blocking our light and potential.

Engagement: The Process of Forgiveness

When it comes to Energy Leadership, engagement means taking an active role in the change process. Forgiveness is a process that takes time to complete. Sometimes you may have to engage with the person who hurt you or your inner self. This engagement entails actively letting go of the past to make way for good, anabolic energy that promotes growth and healing.

Engage by expressing your feelings, composing a letter that you may never send, or simply having a safe
and meaningful conversation with someone who can hold space for you. When people are engaged, they tell stories of power and resilience instead of stories of being a victim. Choosing forgiveness over holding on to a grudge is an act of empowering oneself.

Confidence: Trusting the Journey of Forgiveness

Having confidence means you believe in your own ability to deal with problems and learn from them. It is about having faith in the process of forgiving and realizing that the past cannot be changed, but how you think about it sure can. When you forgive someone, you can become a newer version of yourself that is not hindered by past hurts but is instead filled with power and wisdom.

When you forgive someone, having confidence also means letting go of the fear of getting hurt again. In this case, being open and vulnerable is seen as a strength, not a flaw. In times of uncertainty, it gives you confidence that you can be brave and come out better on the other side.

“You can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, ‘I forgive. I’m finished with it.” Maya Angelou

Moving Forward: The Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiving others and yourself is a gift that sets us free from the chains of the past. It is a powerful expression of self-love and respect. When you choose to forgive, you take back your power and use it to make your life full of meaning, happiness, and peace of mind.

Remember that forgiving someone does not mean forgetting about or agreeing with their bad behaviour. It means getting free from their control over your life. It is about becoming the person you have always wanted to be, not defined by the hurts you have been through but by the lessons they’ve taught you.

When you are trying to figure out how to forgive someone, keep the ideas of awareness, engagement, and trust in mind. Believe that every time you forgive someone, you are not only healing your wounds but also changing your energy from catabolic (energy that contracts and reduces potential) to anabolic energy that expands, heals and builds us up. This will result in new opportunities and greater possibilities.

Let forgiveness be your superpower. Accept it, and watch as you change, grow, and finally become the
person you were meant to be.


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