Dave Babych

When I initially learned about the CORE Performance Dynamics program, the first thing that went through my mind was, why didn’t I find something like this before?
On a variety of the NHL teams I played  on, their approach to mental performance was to bring in a sports psychologist  that would show up once in a blue moon and try to meet with you forfive minutes to figure out ways  to help you mentally. It was almost impossible to accomplish
anything because there was never enough time to develop trust with them or for them to truly understand you.

The ELI performance assessment helps you discover things about yourself because it encourages you to be honest in how you feel in certain situations and beliefs that you might not be even be aware of.  Having an awareness of   the energy influencers (distractions) and COR.E disciplines back when I played, would have affected the way I would have prepared for games. I worked with Walt Aguilar on this and I know it works. Would I recommend it? …absolutely! Another reason why it works, is because Walt cares about what he does and more importantly, the individual he works with. It is his passion and it shows.

- Dave Babych – Ex-NHL player for 19 years

Jeff Tambellini

This past season I worked with the COR.E Dynamics program and Coach Walter Aguilar. It was a great opportunity, to first, become aware of all influencers that can detract from the performance of a pro athlete and second to create a plan to have consistent success.

The program was extremely flexible in its teaching style and could be customized to fit into my schedule. I saw amazing value in the original ELI assessment. Having the ability to understand how and why you react to situations is one of the most valuable tools any athlete can have.

The disciplines of a COR.E Dynamic 7th level athlete will truly bring consistent success. After finishing the program at the end of our regular season I was able to play some of the best hockey of my career in the playoffs and in the end win a Championship.

- Jeff Tambellini Ex-Syracruse Crunch AHL, NHL Vancouver Canucks, LA Kings, New York Island & Swedish Professional Hockey league with the Vaxjo Lakers 2015 SHL Champions

Everett SilverTips – Kevin Constantine

I have coached for over 30 years, divided mostly between the NHL, AHL and WHL. This season was another opportunity to do what I enjoy doing; coaching young players and helping them develop both on and off the ice. Working with Walter and his COR.E Performance Dynamics principles had a positive affect on me and my team. Starting the season with a team that lost 4 of 6 top scorers from the year before and being one of the youngest teams in the WHL, we were not expected to have the success, that we ultimately had this season.

Walter’s positive and respectful manner, along with an understanding of the mind/energy connection to performance and life, made it easy for me and my players to engage and trust him. His use of the current technology; online zoom meetings, emails, texts and online assessments, allowed communication with him to flow effortlessly.

My coaching style, which includes a life long mindfulness approach to the game, meshed well with his conscious approach and COR.E disciplines to high performance. Together with my philosophy of full accountability I developed a deeper connection, and engaged effectively with a group of very young, talented and committed hockey players.

Besides obvious skills needed to play hockey, the successful players are the ones with the best mental skills. Some of our younger players struggled with confidence and consistency with performances. While some of our veterans, grew into their leadership roles as the season went
on. Knowing I had Walter to support them mentally with whatever they may have been going through was a great asset this year. Often, even just one chat with him would produce noticeable improvements.

The game of hockey requires warrior like mindsets to battle physically and to be able to focus on one shift at a time. Walter’s two presentation on “The Sports Zone – What it is and How to get there more often”” and” “The Ten disciplines of a 7 TH Level Hockey Player” to our entire team this year was helpful in preparing them mentally for the upcoming season. His equation of “Performance = Potential – Interference”, and his COR.E Performance Dynamics’ 7 levels of energy helped the players and coaches understand the mind/energy connection to performance.

Over the course of the season his sharing of about the 7 energy influencers (distractions) and 10 disciplines, along with some 1-1 work, helped our team keep focused on playing one game, one shift at a time. This enabled my players to implement my game plan and carry a very high compete level and eventually to capture the US Division title and #1 seed in the WHL West going into the playoffs.This season, having a present moment mindset and learning how to minimize distractions, helped not only my young players tap into their potential but supported me and my coaching staff It enabled us to increase our level of effectiveness.

Walter’s passion and desire to help players and coaches become more present and engaged with a mindfulness approach to sport and life was a meaningful experience for us all. The COR.E Performance Dynamics principles taught by Walter Aguilar were helpful, meaningful and contributed to a successful regular season 

- Kevin Constantine Head Coach Everett Silvertips - 2017 WHL US Division Regular Season Champs

Colorado Avalanche Top Prospect Camp 2016

Walter delivered a whole new way for our prospects to mentally and physically take their skills to new levels. I enjoyed working with them both and I would definitely recommend Walter…to any team or player looking for cutting-edge mental performance coaching.

Walter Aguilar and Chris Morgan provided excellent mental performance coaching for our 2016 Development Camp. They delivered three presentations on mental performance and provided 1-1 breakthrough coaching sessions for each of our prospects. Their presentations helped the players understand the mind/energy connection to performance.

The players learned how to be mindful in the moment and not let negative thoughts distract them from their tasks. Their 1-1 coaching with players will help them develop and use tools for getting in the zone before their games and move past previous performance blocks.

Chris and Walter delivered a whole new way for our prospects to mentally and physically take their skills to new levels. I enjoyed working with them both and I would definitely recommend Walter and Chris to any team or player looking for cutting-edge mental performance coaching.

David Oliver Director of Player Development Colorado Avalanche

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