A Deep Dive from a Top Energy Leadership Expert on Why Fear Kills Trust

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


A process to increase personal and mental health
By Walter Aguilar

Want to know more about how fear and trust affect each other? Knowing a lot about COR.E Wellness Dynamics and IPEC’s Energy Leadership has given me a lot of experience seeing how these feelings show up in both personal and work settings. Here’s a better look at why fear hurts trust and what you can do about it.

IPEC Coaching Energy leadership: What You Need to Know

One of a kind, IPEC’s Energy Leadership approach looks at human energy. It sorts our reaction and responses into seven different levels of energy which represent 7 levels of consciousness, awareness, engagement, and confidence. At the very bottom, Level 1 is damaging and catabolic. Level 7 is the most powerful and effective. Fear, on the other hand, makes it hard for many people to believe and trust at Level 2, which is also damaging and catabolic.

Everything You Need to Know About How Fear Kills Trust

Fear is a way of protecting yourself. It brings about doubt, skepticism, and defensiveness when it takes over our emotions. This is how it changes different things:

  1. Personal Relationships: Being hurt or betrayed in the past can make it hard to trust others fully.

  2. In the workplace, leaders who are scared might not want to delegate, which can create an environment of mistrust and inefficiency.

  3. Personal Growth: We can’t reach our full potential if we are afraid of things like failing or unwilling to
    step out live beyond our comfort zone.

A process to increase personal and mental health: COR.E Wellness Dynamics

COR.E Wellness Dynamics is based on the idea that our emotions have a direct effect on our health. It gives us tools to:

  1. Become aware of your Fear: The first step in dealing with fear is to become aware of it.

  2. Understand where it comes from and why.

  3. Achieve Higher Energy Levels: Mindfulness meditation and other effective techniques can help you
    move from Level 2 energies to higher, more positive and effective ones.

  4. Take a deep look at yourself. An ELI Index assessment can help. This helps you get to the root of your fears.

  5. Work together: Working with coach can help you see how to deal with your fears and rebuild trust in new ways.

    Are you ready to let go of fear and embrace life?

    It’s important to know how damaging fear can be if you want to build or restore trust. By using techniques from Energy Leadership and COR.E Wellness Dynamics, you can get over your fears, build trust, and grow as a person in any role you may find yourselves in.

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