Are You Willing?

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


We have been effectively taught what to think but not necessarily how to think. It appears that common sense has become uncommon in our world.

Being able to be aware and tap into our logic, emotions and intuition, allows us to make the best decisions for ourselves. However, this requires us to be skeptical (curious) not only of others, but also ourselves.Keep in mind that my truth may not be your truth, but in order to keep our connection and trust with each other we must be willing to brave and aspire to show up in love by letting go of fear.Perhaps, if we can focus on what unities us, rather than divides us, the needed healing that is required for us to move forward can emerge.Yes, it’s important to skeptical (curious) not just critical ( I’m right, you’re wrong), but it is possible if we are willing.

Are you willing?

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