Breathe and Just Let Go

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


The only constant in life is change.

The only constant in life is change. With every change there is a loss that comes with it. Sometimes the losses are more profound and life changing than others.

Grieving is the way we move through these moments and learn the power of meaning and acceptance.

By the sheer fact that we are born naked and do not take anything with us as we pass on from this life, learning to deal with losses may be our biggest hurdle to living a purposeful and meaningful life.

We all have a purpose for being and get to define what is meaningful to us. Unfortunately, our human nature can not fully understand truth and that we can ever truly lose anything that is real. That is why we mourn that things that we lose.

The fact that there is pain in change may be true. Pain is the purification of all the untruths in our lives. Suffering is our ego’s resistance of what was, is, and may be. Life just is. Be grateful.

Deep and profound losses will change us. Let it. Don’t resist it. Allow the tears to flow.

We do not need to rise above our humanness but rather breathe through every emotion, every thought and allow the unconditional love that created us, be our light and hope…

…through the darkness of our sorrows.


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