Connecting to Our Highest and Best

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


We all have the capacity for creativity.

‘Everything is a process of creativity, we are creating all the time’ – Barnet Bain

We all have the capacity for creativity. However, when we are under stress reactions due to our perceptions and interpretations of what we believe is happening in our lives, we may inadvertently lose our groove and get into a rut. In our ruts, we become unaware, disengage and lose our enthusiasm for life, or at lease some aspects of it. We take everything personal and are fearful of losing people, things and situations we are overly attached to. We do not feel we are creating our lives but feel like life is happening to us. We feel powerless and begin to force things to happen. One effective way to get out of a rut is to focus on gratitude for all that we have. Another, is to go serve someone else, who may be in need of help. When we can begin to connect to that part of ourselves that is kind, compassionate and caring, it is amazing how quickly we become creative once again. We don’t have to be a poet, musician, artist or builder to be creative. Our every day lives can be amazing, brilliant and creative works of art. Life is not about finding ourselves. Perhaps, it is about creating our highest and best version of who we can be at any given moment…and our groove returns.


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