Freedom of Choice

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


“There are many flaws in our perfection” -Bruce Schneider

Trying to convince someone else to understand why you choose to live your life they way
you do is as futile as chasing the wind. We all view the world not as it is, but through the
filters of what we believe to be true. This means that often we only see and hear what we
want or can see at any given moment in our lives. However, we are all sovereign human
beings, given the gift and super power of making conscious choices for how we want to
show up our lives. For love to be present in our lives and be extension our world, there has
to be freedom of choice because it is an essential attribute of an unconditional love that
created us in the first place; God. Fear and desire(want) are indicators in our lives of what
the outside things we are attached to; what we feel we need to feel safe, secure, or happy.
However, to do that we end up surrendering by giving away our power and allowing
ourselves to live a life that has compromised our truth and authentic selves. We are in our
power when we can be present in the moment (the now), speak and act our truth ( what we
believe to be true), knowing it be not be the truth, but being curious by having an open
mindset that will allow our intuition to lead us to who were created to be: Sovereign Loving
Human Beings who have learned to grow, thrive and be their highest and best version of
themselves, in any given moment.


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