The Role of Routines, Rituals, and Habits in Managing Life Transitions

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


A lot of different feelings come up during transitions

Change is the only constant. Whether we’re ready for it, like when we start a new job or move to a new city, or not, like when we get a bad health diagnosis or lose a loved one, how well we can handle life’s unpredictable waves can affect our general success and well-being. As a COR.E Transition Dynamics
Specialist, I’ve seen personally how routines, rituals, and habits can help people get through the ups and
downs of life.

1. Stability Amidst Chaos

A lot of different feelings come up during transitions, from worry and fear to excitement and anticipation. Routines give us a sense of stability in these rough times. Like a lighthouse keeping ships safe in rough seas, our daily routines, like brushing our teeth or going to yoga class once a week, give us a sense of stability in a world where things are always changing. This can make you feel a lot less stressed and anxious, which can help you think more clearly and make better decisions.

2. Creating Intentional Space

Rituals are different from habits because they usually have more meaning behind them. They give us a way to consciously recognize, understand, and accept changes. For example, someone who just broke up with someone might make it a habit to write down how they feel every night. Not only does this help you let go of your feelings, but it also gives you time to think, heal, and grow. Rituals are deliberate acts
that help us connect with our feelings, mark important events in our lives, and start over.

3. Using the Power of Habits

While we’re going through changes, habits—those activities we do without thinking can be very helpful. Having good habits, like working out every day or meditating, can help our physical and mental health during hard times. One more thing is that changes are great times to start new habits. If you want to make better choices that will pay off in the long run, now is the best time to do them.

4. Maintaining Identity and Self-Worth

Change can make us question who we are. Who are we besides the job we just quit? How can we tell that we’re no longer in that relationship? Routines can help you feel like you still have your own personality, especially ones that help you take care of yourself and grow as a person. They remind us that our core beliefs, worth, and essence don’t change, even if things change around us.

5. Building Resilience and Momentum

Being consistent is a key part of being successful. Keeping up with certain routines can help you be more
resilient, even when things change. Every time we keep a promise, we show ourselves that we are strong and determined enough to handle problems. Keep up with your routines and habits, and they will build momentum that will help you face each new day and task with enthusiasm and energy.

6. Facilitating Integration and Reflection

Changes on the outside aren’t the only things that happen during transitions. Perceptions, beliefs, and ideals also change on the inside. Rituals, especially ones that involve thinking, like writing in a notebook
or meditating, help people adjust to these changes. They give you a place to think about and accept the
lessons and growth that come with change.

7. Enhancing Social Support

A lot of habits and traditions can be shared with others. When you do things with other people, like going to exercise classes, spiritual gatherings, or weekly get-togethers, you can feel more normal and get much-needed social support. Being with other people helps us remember that we’re not going through this trip alone, and sharing our experiences can give us comfort and new insights.

8. Serving as a Springboard for the Future

Lastly, having good routines, practices, and habits can help us be successful in the future. They can give us a boost and help us confidently move on to the next part of our lives. For example, someone who keeps up a routine of learning new things and improving their skills, even while they are changing
careers, is better prepared for future chances.

Life will always have changes, whether we choose them or they happen to us. Even though the waves of
change can be rough at times, routines, rituals, and habits keep us safe and help us reach our goal. They
give you support, direction, and speed. Most importantly, they tell us that we can change, grow, and do
well no matter what waves come our way.

I hope this article is useful to you! Please let me know if you have any questions or situations you are
going through where I may be of support.


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