Awareness & Understanding

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


A self perception of who we think we are.

“A memory without the emotional charge becomes wisdom” -Joe Dispenza

We all have an ego created sense of self. A self perception of who we think we are. It is the great
imposter in our lives as it is not our true self. It was created by values, beliefs, fears, experiences, and
expectations. It met and continues to meet our needs for self-protection, self-promotion, or self-provision.

It becomes what Eckhart Tolle defines our ego to be, our unobserved mind. Many of our relationships are
affected negatively because of painful experiences we have had and not been able to heal from. To heal
from our pain, we must cultivate awareness and understanding in our lives. This requires a deeper self
awareness by observing the many thoughts that go through our minds. Unfortunately for many of us,
because of our unhealed pain, the emotions created by our physical feelings cause us to react not
respond in our lives. Driven by the fear of our past pain, we show up in our fight, flight or freeze reactions.

To heal, we must become aware and observe of our minds and bodies, both in our thinking and our
feelings. Awareness allows to see what isness or facts of what happened. It also allows us to see our
interpretation and perception of what we think is happening or has happened. This provides for the
opportunity for context to emerge. Context can provide the understanding needed change and/or to heal.

We do not have to be defined by our wounds, or the limiting beliefs that they may have created. We have
the choice to define ourselves by the highest and noblest vision of ourselves; to feel and think consciously in the present moment, to respond not just react in the now.


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