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Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


It can happen when we stop giving our power away.

What we allow continues in our life. We are always at choice. We choose who we want to associate with and what we do with our energy. Our energy goes to what we focus on. What we focus on expands and becomes our reality.

Life does not just happen to us. Even if at times it feels like it, we can choose the attitude we have as we go through it. Our personal growth lies in our taking responsibly of what meanings or labels we attach to people and situations in our lives.

This is critical to our personal emergence. True happiness is not an external thing or life situation, it is an inside job. It can happen when we stop giving our power away. Relationships and life situations can be come opportunities to be conscious of the baggage we have yet to let go. To let go means forgiving our selfs and others. As well, as accepting all that was. Taking back our power requires self and outer awareness.

If something in our lives does not have flow, then we must become skeptical (curious) and either change it or release it. Life ownership means taking responsibility and engaging in purposeful conscious action to change that which is not serving us or those around us. In the energetic realm, what we resist will continue to persist.

We do not have to feel like we are at the affect of life, but it does requires us to do the work. The work consists of looking inwards and letting go of the growth blocking catabolic energy (negative) stored in our subconsciousness. Life is too amazing to not experience it fully. The four attributes needed for meaningful change are: intention, desire, surrender and belief. As the old meme goes; when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Are you ready?


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