Choose Peace

Choose Peace
Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


“Become the peace you want to see in the world” -Ghandi

Lack of peace can often come from the stories we tell ourselves, about what is happening. We often judge, label, and take many things personal. How we feel seems to be more important, than what is the truth of the moment. We either feel at the effect of life or become angry. We can either be angry at ourselves or others. We look for what is wrong and who or what, is potentially to blame. We may feel helpless, hopeless, or powerless. We endeavor to control things we have no control over. In our minds we create horizontal thinking of past and future. It is no wonder we have no peace!

Acceptance is the beginning of peace. Our point of view is a truth but not necessarily the truth. We view
our world through the filters (beliefs, values, assumptions, fears etc.) that we have acquired. Often, we
are not even aware that these life filters, may be affecting how we view what is happening in the
moment. When we can look at the facts of what is truly happening, clarity can emerge within us.

We can choose not to create a story that involves us defending, protecting, or feeling our ego created
sense of self is in danger, space can emerge. In this space, between stimuli and response/reaction, we
can experience the growth from being able to ask ourselves meaningful questions; What is happening?
Is it my business, their business or God’s business? What kind of moment do I want to create right now?

The answers to these questions become our opportunity to choose and become peaceful. It has been
said that “We need to become the peace we desire to see in the world.” We will experience peace when
we consciously choose to be peace. Awareness and acceptance are key disciplines that will help us in
our becoming the peace we want to see in our world.


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