Heart of The Matter

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


How we perceive our lives, is how we will experience it.

How we perceive our lives, is how we will experience it. We are not our minds – the many
thoughts and stories we tell ourselves of what is happening. Our mind is a tool to navigate
through this journey we call life. We are spiritual energetic beings having a human
experience, of cause and effect. Although, life is not as personal as we think it is, we are
responsible for much more than we think we are. How we choose to show up for ourselves,
and others, in life matters greatly. Emotional intelligence is understanding how we feel and
how we show up makes others feel. When find we find ourselves being busy, perhaps, it’s
because everything on our to do list is equally important. We become too busy to care.
Perhaps, if we could focus on the things that truly matters, then everything else might not
matter as much. Life is short. Breathe, live life now, and forgive quickly. Say yes to the
opportunity when it is presented. Say no when it violates our values and ethics. For love to
exists there needs to be a freedom of choice. Today, choose to be embedded and inspired
by Grace. Receive it humbly and extend it eagerly. Do not let the struggles of this life, suck
the joy of being alive, today.


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