If life is a journey

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


Then life’s greatest tragedy would be to get to the end . . .

“If life is a journey, then life’s greatest tragedy would be to get to the end and not have enjoyed the trip”.

Happiness and joy is connected to our feeling of freedom. Perhaps, the program we received, that in order to feel successful, happy or joyful we need to achieve or accumulate something outside ourselves, is not the truth but became our truth.
We have on average 60,000 per day and 90 percent of those are the same thoughts we had yesterday. If we are constantly looping the same thoughts over and over again, it may explain anxiety, fear, worries and depression. This can makes us feel lonely, isolated and a internal gnawing of our souls that somehow, life is passing us by.
For many who believe that our minds are who we are, not just a tool to manage our lives, they may feel that because they did not achieve or accumulate enough, perhaps the boat to success, joy and happiness was missed.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Uncovering the life of our dreams begins by learning to be present in the now and going inwards to discover our Ikigai (reason for being). 

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The ability to be present, access skills and talents, connect to creativity and intuition, to make conscious choices in the moment that serve us and others. This is important in sports, performance based careers
and any role that requires effective in the moment decision making.


When we move from where we are to where we want to be. Since change is the only constant in life, Transitions come in every aspect of our life; Environment, Career, Relationships, Family/parenting, Health, Personal Finance, Spiritual, Personal Development and Fun | Enjoyment.


Leadership is where interaction and influence happen. The influence that comes from a higher level of consciousness and awareness is of greater impact. Leaders who lead themselves intentionally, and with a definite of purpose, become leaders who lead others with greater influence and level of effectiveness.


Learning ideally who we want to be, how we want live, and what we want from our lives. Learning how to reduce stress, increase energy, and increase overall health and well being.

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