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Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


It seems like we spend so much time, ...

It seems like we spend so much time, money, energy, and emotional investment into finding out what a meaningful life is not. We chase the rainbow but at the end of it we discover a pot of fools gold. We have boughten into what others say is a meaningful life, the media, our friends, even our own families. We live our lives according to the mental programming that at some level agreed to. 

When we discover that we where sold a bill of goods that wasn’t what it appeared to be, we can become disillusioned,discouraged, and begin to drift through our life. We become fixated on goals of either achievement, accumulation, or just become complacent. We focus on striving, struggling at the expense of our true joy.

A deeply meaningful life seems unattainable, so we settle. Settle for an OK, a fine life. We rationalize that it could be worse. The biggest tragedy is settling for just existing and no longer living.

No body broke us, so we do not be fixed. We cannot be broken since at our essence, we are spiritual souls having a human experience.

We must remember, the pure joy we had as kids, before the domestication programming really began to set in. We were humble, curious and in awe at the wonder of life. We experience our emotions freely. When were healthy were happy. When in discomfort or unhealthy we cried or got angry.

We engaged with others with kind energy regardless of who they were. Yes, sometimes, we were a bit shy but when we got to know us, you couldn’t shut us up. We trusted, believed but most of all we were just real.

In the end, It is not about doing more. It about being who we were created to be. Love expressing itself through our being. From there your actions, words and kindness will flow effortlessly.

Doing is work, being is effortless. We are our most powerful, when are present, loving and living a meaningful life by
thriving in the moment we are in.     

Walter Aguilar


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