The 360 Approach: Living Life to The Fullest Through Energy Leadership

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


The 360 Approach is a comprehensive method focusing on all life aspects...

The integration of the 360 Approach with IPEC’s Energy Leadership model is redefining how we see and
accomplish our full potential in the dynamic areas of personal and professional growth. As a COR.E
Leadership Dynamics Specialist, I have seen the transformative power of this constructive collaboration
in fostering holistic growth and fulfillment.

How to Understand the 360 Approach and Energy Leadership:

The 360 Approach is a comprehensive method focusing on all life aspects, from career and finance to
relationships and well-being. It establishes a powerful foundation for significant growth and fulfillment
when combined with IPEC’s Energy Leadership methodology, which stresses understanding and
influencing the energy we bring to our everyday actions.

Core Principles of the Integrated Approach:

  1. Energetic Awareness and Management: IPEC’s Energy Leadership model defines seven levels of
    energy, which are fundamental to this approach. The seven levels represent seven levels of
    consciousness, awareness, engagement, and confidence. It is about understanding how our energy
    levels affect every aspect of our lives and learning how to shift them to more productive, empowered states of being.

  2. Holistic Goal Setting: This involves setting goals that reflect a balance of all life dimensions,
    influenced by our energetic insights. Each goal is infused with the awareness of how it aligns with our energetic makeup.

  3. Energy-Based Well-being: The focus is on spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and
    environmental impact on our lives by understanding how energy levels impact our well-being and
    applying ways to sustain high, positive energy states.

  4. Dynamic Learning and Growth: Ongoing learning is tailored to our energy levels. We seek
    experiences and information that not just intellectually but also energetically enhance us.

  5. Relationships as Energy Exchanges: Recognizing that all interactions are energy exchanges, we seek to build partnerships that are mutually uplifting and aligned with our highest energy states.

How to Implement the Integrated Approach:

  1. Energetic Self-Assessment: Using IPEC’s Energy Leadership Index Assessment or 360 Assessment,
    along with the expert debriefs, explore your energy levels and effect you have on those around you. Do this periodically to understand how you are showing up for yourself and others. All other components of the 360 Approach are built on this self-awareness.

  2. Energetically Aligned goals: Set goals that not only fulfill different life objectives but also resonate
    with your desired energy level of being. 

  3. Lifestyle Choices for Optimal Energy: Make choices that support your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health, keeping in mind their impact on your overall energy.

  4. Powerful Success Posse: Surround yourself with people who reflect and promote the energy states
    you want to remain in and cultivate. Create a network of like-minded people, who are growth seekers and help you show up as your best version of you.

  5. Mindfulness, Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection with an Energy Focus: Incorporate awareness
    practices that focus on understanding and managing your energy levels. Set up rituals and routines that become part of your success formula for your day.

It is a journey that emphasizes the importance of energy awareness and management in achieving a
harmonious, fulfilling life. As we embrace this integrated approach, we unlock our potential not just in
terms of what we do, but in how we energetically engage with every aspect of our lives.

If this approach resonates with you, reach out and let’s have a short chat on how I can support your life
journey in a meaningful and effective way.


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