There is no learning without remembering

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


“Memory without an emotional charge is wisdom” Joe Dispenza.

When we can be present in the moment and attach emotionally to our experience, we are more likely to remember what happened. Our effectiveness to reflect and access it truthfully as to whether our actions served us or those around us, is key to learning.

Learning to listen to our emotions and our mental story telling of what is happening in the now, with a healthy skepticism key. Our feelings may be about something that happened to us in the past. The story we may be telling ourselves may not be the 100% truth. Even if it is the truth it may not be serving us.

To change our current experience, we must be willing to change the way we feel, think or act. The world and life is what it is. How we see it and decide to show up in it, is our ultimately our choice and determines our experience and the effect we have on others. Never forget that….our capacity to experience joy in the moment depends on it.
-Walter Aguilar


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