Waking Up

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


How often do we we think about, what we think about?

How often do we we think about, what we think about? Or do we just allow thoughts to run unquestioned in minds? How true are our thoughts really? Often we can confuse our truth for the truth. We all have filters created from our past experiences, values, beliefs and fears. These filters will influence our perspectives, perceptions of what we think we are seeing and feeling. This affects greatly how we show up in our lives. Conscious, compassionate self inquiry is a requirement for personal growth. However, we must handle the truth of our answers with humility. With a greater self awareness comes a deeper sense of responsibility. Once we have awakened there is no going back to sleep. Many cannot awaken because they don’t even know they are asleep. This world is desperate need of conscious, awakened and responsible human beings, who are willing to show up as their most loving and kind version of themselves.


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