Yearning of The Wise

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


We are energetic beings having a human experience of cause and effect.

We are in period of awakening that is not only for some people but for necessary for all of us. Truth does not need us to believe in it to be real. However, whatever we believe about our lives can and do become our reality. Whatever we focus on, we give energy to. Whatever, we give energy to, expands and becomes our reality. Whether we like to admit or not, intuitively we feel that there must be more to what we can touch, feel and see.

To awaken will mean to step out of our comfort zone, and require us to become skeptical (curious) of all we know and have been taught. Perhaps, it can be said as the great unlearning. God is Love. An unconditional love that our human minds can not truly comprehend. However, it is this Love that created us and yearns for connection. We all have the responsibility to awaken to our spiritual selves where we can show up as our highest and best version of who we can be.

The world is slipping into a darkness of division and self righteousness. Our ethics have been compromised. Love is the highest ethic. For Love to exist there must be a freedom of choice. To be able to make a conscious choice requires us to me more aware and conscious. To yearn to be awake is to yearn to be wise. Today is the day to wake and be fully aware of how feel about life and how we are showing up, affects those around us.

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The Joy of Being

“Go forth into the busy world and love it. Interest yourself in it’s life, mingle kindly with it’s joys and

sorrows” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The ability to be present, access skills and talents, connect to creativity and intuition, to make conscious choices in the moment that serve us and others. This is important in sports, performance based careers
and any role that requires effective in the moment decision making.


When we move from where we are to where we want to be. Since change is the only constant in life, Transitions come in every aspect of our life; Environment, Career, Relationships, Family/parenting, Health, Personal Finance, Spiritual, Personal Development and Fun | Enjoyment.


Leadership is where interaction and influence happen. The influence that comes from a higher level of consciousness and awareness is of greater impact. Leaders who lead themselves intentionally, and with a definite of purpose, become leaders who lead others with greater influence and level of effectiveness.


Learning ideally who we want to be, how we want live, and what we want from our lives. Learning how to reduce stress, increase energy, and increase overall health and well being.

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