Healing by Choosing to Be Vulnerable

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


Those who can hold space of empathy and compassion.

“The only way to bring about peace is to look within our nature, to embrace the practice of compassion,
loving-kindness and tolerance. Only love will bring us out of the Darkness.” -David Arenson

We all have the capacity to be vulnerable. However, we may have at some point in our lives, experienced the pain of being vulnerable without understanding the need to be discerning. The people we opened ourselves to were not able to hold a safe place for our vulnerability. They either judged us, stole our story, gave unsolicited advice or were unable to provide compassion or empathy. This experience or experiences may be the cause why we hold back. Perhaps, that is why we fear being vulnerable.

We have not effectively moved on from the wounded feelings of opening up, and then being hurt by others. Discernment is learning to share our vulnerability with those who have earned the right to hear our vulnerability. Those who can hold space of empathy and compassion. This does not happen by accident. Often, it is those that themselves have been through the adversity that life has thrown their way that can hold that space for others. To embrace life fully is to learn to be humble and grateful. To live each moment as a spiritual act of worship. Vulnerability is at the root of humility. It is where perfect love can emerge and drive out our fear that our ego creates because the perception of who we think we are. There is nothing certain in life except change.

Humility and vulnerability allow us to be in a state of non- resistance to the ‘what isness’ of any given moment by allowing acceptance to emerge. This changes our experience of life and how other people experience us in the moment. We resist what we fear. We fear what we don’t understand. Love always trusts, believes, and knows that fear is an illusion that can cause to play small in our life journey. In any given moment, every possibility of who we can be exists. Learning to express our vulnerability with effective discernment, allows us to show up in our power and truth. This has the potential to heal us and those around us, to engage our world in a more meaningful way.


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