The Gracious Traveller

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar


Life is short. Breathe, live life now, and forgive quickly

How we perceive our lives, is what becomes our life experience. We are not our minds; the many thoughts and stories we tell ourselves of what is happening. Our minds is the tool we use to navigate, understand, and make sense of what we go through on this journey, we call our lives. We are energetic beings having a human experience of cause and effect. Every choice we make becomes an experience and an aspect to our lives.

Where we are currently in our lives; marital status, financially, spiritually, physically etc., is the total sum of all the decision we have made up to this point. Although, life is not as personal as we think it is, we are
responsible for much more than we think we are.

How we choose to show up for ourselves and others, matters greatly. Understanding how we feel and how we are showing up in the moment, is making others feel, is a measure of our emotional intelligence. When can often find ourselves being too busy, and that’s because everything on our to do list has become equally important.  Perhaps, if we could focus on the things that truly matters, then everything else might not matter as much.

Life is short. Breathe, live life now, and forgive quickly. Say yes to the opportunity when it is presented. Say no when it violates our values, morals or ethics. For love to exists there needs to be freedom of choice. Today, we can choose connection over being right, and compassion over aggression. Be the reason why someone still believes in a good and loving God.

Be inspired by Grace. Receive it humbly and extend it eagerly.  Do not let the many struggles of this life be the reason we self righteous, arrogant, or entitled. We are all born with a return ticket to the afterlife. So, let’s become a gracious traveller and make this a meaningful journey for ourselves and those we happen to meet along the way.


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